Lissie's Ramblings is run by young entrepreneur Lissie. She handmakes book accessories for your book reading needs and creates Printed book merchandise for your book loving needs. She started Lissie's Ramblings as a business to help her through her teen years and to support different ministries.
The name came from her blog, Lissie's Ramblings, originally Lissie's Books. Her hope is to have a flourishing business that book lovers came come to for book accessories and clothing.

Lissie herself is a bookworm. She has loved reading since she can remember. In more recent years, she has also started writing fiction and non-fiction for teens. Her goal is to one day be a Christian author that sells book merchandise for her readers.
It is thanks to her dear mother, Suzanne, that she opened this shop. 
Suzanne encouraged Lissie to 'do hard things' and this, was one of them.

Lissie resides in Colorado where she writes, helps around the house, reads, and hangs out with siblings and pets alike.